No matter what your unique dental needs, our team can help you achieve better oral health. Here are some of the services provided by Dr. Liu and her team

Routine Exams and Oral Hygiene

Regular checkups from a dentist are the best way to prevent more serious problems from developing in the future. During a routine checkup, you’ll receive a thorough teeth cleaning, oral cancer screening, and X-rays that ensure your smile is healthy.

Smile Makeovers

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, consider a smile makeover. Smile makeovers usually involve combining multiple cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, dental bonding, or dental implants to create a fresh, radiant look.

Complete and Partial Dentures

When you are missing several teeth, a full or partial denture may be right for you. These affordable appliances can be fixed or removable, depending on your needs.

Implant Restorations

If you’re having problems with your current dental implants, we can help. We can replace your existing implants, helping you achieve a comfortable, stable fit.

Pediatric Dentistry

This branch of dentistry involves treating the unique needs of adolescents and children. This might include regular exams, restorative dentistry, or orthodontic work.

Simple Orthodontics

Our orthodontic options, including Invisalign clear aligners, can help you achieve a straighter, healthier-looking smile.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is necessary when the pulp of a decayed tooth has become infected. This procedure eliminates toothache pain and often can save a damaged tooth.

Teeth Whitening

With our professional teeth whitening treatments, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a dazzling, bright smile.


When a cavity is present, your dentist may recommend a composite filling. These durable and discreet appliances restore the damaged tooth’s look and function.

Crowns and Bridges

If you have a damaged tooth or have just undergone a root canal, we can restore the affected tooth with a natural-looking crown. We also provide bridges that can replace one or more teeth.


While we will always attempt to save damaged teeth, extractions are sometimes necessary. Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted if they are impacted or causing pain.

Same day emergency service

We offer same day emergency service

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