Do you have anxiety about dental visits or financial worries that prevent you from seeking the care you need?

No matter what your concern may be – we will work with you to achieve your goals. Every patient has his or her specific dental needs. Dr. Emily Liu takes time to understand you, not just your mouth, to suggest treatments that meet your unique desires and needs.

No Hard Sell or Unnecessary Treatments

Your dentist should be a trusted advisor, who has your best interest at heart. We will never suggest or provide a treatment you don’t need. We are here to provide our service with honesty and integrity. A full list of options will always be presented to you along with estimates.

Is there a warranty on my dental work?

Although perfection is our motto, very few things in life can reach perfection. Occasional mechanical failures are rare but can occur resulting in broken or lost fillings/crowns. We are always happy to see you to correct the problem immediately. Our laboratory provides a limited warranty to the crowns and dentures against mechanical defects and failures. This warranty is void if the patient does not maintain annual recall exams and good oral hygiene. This warranty is not applicable in a scenario where patient later regrets the compromised treatment option they chose over other recommended treatments.

Do You Accept Dental Insurances?

Yes we do. We can bill your insurance provider directly on your behalf. Some patients request to pay directly with their credit card for points and be reimbursed by their benefit provider. Whatever your preference – we are happy to accommodate.

We also help to coordinate and pre-determine treatment plans to your insurance. However, insurance plans do not always cover what you need to have done. Keep in mind that insurance companies have their financial interests at heart – not your mouth. Do not let insurance stipulations dictate your oral health.

Do you accept patients on Ministry, Interim Federal Health or First Nations Benefits?

We strongly believe in affordable and accessible dentistry for all. Our clinic welcomes patients from all walks of life and accepts ministry/First Nations patients. We do not charge our patients for these benefits.
We accept post-graduate student discounts plans.

Flexible Financing Options

Paying for dental care doesn’t need to be complicated. Personalized and flexible payment options are available for the committed patient. If you require extensive dental treatment, we will explain the financial commitments prior to starting. You will have a clear sense of all your options, as well as pros and cons before making a decision.

When is the best time for orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment isn’t only for teenagers. Young children with problematic teeth should see orthodontic consultation early in order to correct growth discrepancies and minimize the need for future treatment. Adults are also good candidates for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is a form of convenient, discrete and effective alternative for braces for adults. The benefits of having straighter teeth include easier hygiene maintenance, better occlusion and in some cases, improved periodontal health.

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